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At Home or At Work: It's All About Relationships

VoiceAmerica Business Channel, “Turn the Page,” hosted by Hemda Mizrahi. 

Dr. Rancourt discusses a framework for better understanding and managing critical aspects of important relationships. Based on research and her experience with thousands of relationships, Dr. Rancourt provides insights into two kinds of relationships we all have, and how to better manage both types. These are “want-to’s,” those in which we have a desire to participate, and “have-to’s,” ones we feel we must maintain. Dr. Rancourt offers practical suggestions on how to deal with relationships that currently are, or will likely be problematic, and how to nurture those that are satisfying. She will also share approaches to effectively managing relationships that are in transition due to changing circumstances.

Aired October 16, 2015.


Zoomer Radio, 740 AM / 96.7 FM

Host Libby Znaimer talks to multi-generational expert and author Dr. Karen Rancourt to get some tips. Aired July 25, 2015.

(Segment with Dr. Rancourt runs 10:16 through 16:22)


Effective Parenting for Parents of Advantaged Children

In this hour-long show, Dr. Karen Rancourt co-hosts a discussion on effective parenting for parents of advantaged children. It is a topic specifically for financially comfortable parents of young and pre-teen children to address the latest and alarming findings that teens from affluent, well-educated families are less happy, less confident, and prone to higher rates of depression and suicide attempts than are their less affluent counterparts.

(Posted November 30, 2011)


Allowances and other Money Matters

In this video, author and educator Dr. Karen Rancourt presents the latest research and good parenting practices on how to teach children about money management. She answers common questions and provides basic guidelines for teaching money management skills. Join Dr. Rancourt in this segment to learn ways to talk to your children about allowances and other money matters.

(Posted on February 22, 2010)

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Using Village Helpers to Teach Discipline

In this video Dr. Karen Rancourt presents a case for why and how parents can call upon others to help teach their children discipline. She gives several examples of how she and other parents have used people who are part of their children’s extended community to assist parents in a very proactive way when the usual discipline measures are not working, or seem to be making the situation even worse. Join Dr. Rancourt in this segment to learn why, once parents understand the appropriate use of village helpers, they may find disciplining their children easier and more effective.

(Posted on February 19, 2010)

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